Email Creation

Like your traditional mail client, MailOffice has a module for viewing emails dedicated to email marketing.

In full-service, emails are developed by our team and you can follow the ongoing work within this module.

In self-service mode, our editor module allows you to make yourself your own email:
  • or starting from a model
  • or starting from a imported file
1) Viewing module
Easily browse your emails (already sent or in progress) as you would do with any email program.
The module gives you additional viewing information specific to email marketing as the list of links in your email.
2) Editing of email module
A powerful online editor allows you to easily create your own emails.
In addition, you never start from a blank page, three scenarios are possible:
  • you use a template from our free templates
  • you use a template previously carried out by our team and for your brand image
  • you have already accomplished your email and you just have to import it