Contact Lists Management

MailOffice offers different modules for management of databases.
  • segmentation module lists: rental / purchase databases of companies
  • import module for your own lists
  • module for building a list from previous results (derived list)
1) Segmentation module
A) Create a new list
This module allows you to enter your selection criteria to segment our database of companies:

1) criteria for industry: we use the NACE (European Classification of Economic Activities). The interface presents all the sectors in the form of a tree activity.

2) criteria geographical areas: easily select the regions or provinces you want.
B) Management of existing lists
After saving, all your segmented listings can be found easily. You can then view and eventually make changes:
  • changes in criteria
  • rename them
  • deleting
2) Import module
A wizard guides you through the few steps required to import your own contact lists.
Many fields can be imported: name, address, email, phone, fax, website, ...
During import, invalid email addresses are automatically detected, as well as possible duplicates.
2) Derived lists module
As an example, how to re-contact people having clicked on a certain campaign ?
We developed a module deriving lists to meet such requests.
This module allows you to choose the selection criteria based on the results of a previous campaign.