MailOffice® is our platform for online management of email marketing campaigns.
MailOffice powered by ATHYLA
MailOffice: Contact Lists Management MailOffice: Email Management MailOffice: Campaign Management
The strengths of the platform:
  • solution « turnkey »: one product that brings together all the services necessary for the establishment of a communication campaign by email:
    • rental or purchase of databases of companies
    • importing your own lists
    • email online editor (with templates available)
    • importing your email
    • campaign planning
    • analysis of real-time results
    • export your lists of new prospects
  • simplicity: MailOffice offers a familiar and intuitive environment.
    In less time than to say, you will be able to use the platform without going through a long learning period.
  • modularity: each user is different. You use the modules you need according to your requirements and your way of working (self-service / full-service)
  • availability and security: it only required an Internet connection, nothing more. No installation or configuration is necessary.
    Your data is safe thanks to our backup policy. The system automatically backs up your data regularly and this on two servers, Belgium and France. Whatever happens, a copy of your data will always be recoverable in case of hardware failure or other.